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Dedicated Phone and Fax Lines

Dedicated Phone Line

AsiaBiz can provide you and your company with a dedicated local business telephone number. There are two services available from which you can choose how you would like to handle calls to you and your business.

AsiaBiz Premium Service

The premium service offers personalized telephone answering for your business. Our professionally-trained staff answer incoming calls in your business name. With each call, a dedicated receptionist will consult with you promptly whether you wish to take the call. The reception will then transfer the call to you or record a message from the caller based on your decision.

AsiaBiz Standard Service

The basic service offers a standard phone greeting, and all calls to you and your business can be automatically diverted to another telephone number specified by you. Alternatively, you can arrange for the caller to leave a voicemail which will be emailed to you. No more missed calls!

Call Forwarding Service

All calls to you and your business can be forwarded to you according to your specifications, and can be connected to you anywhere in the world. Additional fees may apply.

Dedicated Fax Line

AsiaBiz can provide you with a dedicated fax number. Faxes received will be forwarded to your email so that you can access them from any computer which has internet access.

Stay connected with dedicated phone and fax lines for your Singapore company

With AsiaBiz’s basic and premium phone line options, you’ll get a professional receptionist answering your business calls, and never risk missing a call again.
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