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Singapore Work Visa Renewals

We will be pleased to assist you with your work pass renewal requirements.

The renewal application for work passes may be submitted to the authority as early as 6 months prior to the expiration date, and is encouraged to be submitted not later than 1 month prior to the expiration date.

Similar to your original application, when the renewal application is approved, the employer will receive an in principle approval letter. There are usually no issues encountered on renewal if you have been dutiful with the conditions of your employment and stay in Singapore and so long as the employer is keen to keep you in its employ.

You may request for a higher validity period for the pass during the renewal process, but the decision on the same is subject to the discretion of the authority. During this time, you can also submit any change in the employment particulars (e.g. change of designation or salary) or personal particulars of the applicant (e.g. travel document number, change in name).

Need help with your work pass renewal?

Leverage our expertise today for the best results! AsiaBiz has immigration and work visa specialists who can help you with your application. Contact us now to request for a quote.

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