Singapore Permanent Residence Application

The Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) status opens many doors for its holders. Other than the freedom to travel in and out of Singapore and to switch employers without worrying about affecting the status of your work pass, you can also invest freely, secure admission to subsidized public education institutions, as well as enjoy employer’s contributions to your pension funds.

According to the NPTD’s Population White Paper, Singapore will grant PR status to 30,000 candidates annually.

There are 2 main routes by which a foreigner may successfully qualify for a PR status in Singapore.

  • The PTS Scheme (Professional, Technical Personnel and Skilled Worker) scheme allows skilled workers holding the EntrePass, Employment Pass or S Pass to apply for a PR status in Singapore.
  • GIP (Global Investor Programme) is meant for major business investors. This programme was developed by the Singapore Economic Development Board and Ministry of Manpower.

Interested in applying for Singapore Permanent Residency?

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