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Opening of Corporate Bank Accounts

Incorporate With Us and Save Time

To help clients save valuable time, Asiabiz will arrange for the bank officer to meet you personally during the signing of your company incorporation papers in our office premises, and thus open your bank accounts without the need to visit the bank.

Bank Account Opening for Singapore Companies

Due to ever increasing compliance and regulatory requirements, most of the banks in Singapore require your personal presence of the authorized signatories and company officers in order to open a company bank account.

With exceptions, some banks do allow you to open a bank account without your physical presence as long as the necessary signatures are witnessed by a notary public overseas.

The minimum balance requirements for a company bank account in Singapore vary from bank to bank. The minimum average balance requirement for each bank is:

Bank Minimum Average Balance Requirement per month
OCBC For the first 6 months = S$500
Succeeding months = S$10,000
DBS S$10,000
UOB S$10,000
Standard Chartered S$10,000

A monthly service charge ranging from S$15-50 will apply if the minimum balance requirement is not met. The minimum balance requirement at foreign banks such as HSBC and Citibank is higher and in the range of S$25,000 – S$50,000.

Bank Account Opening for Offshore Companies

The bank account opening procedure and the requirements are the same as for Singapore companies except that more extensive “KYC” (Know Your Client) due diligence process is required before opening a bank account.

The common information that the banks would require are:

  • intended business activities and customers,
  • where the source of funds will be coming from,
  • the anticipated annual turnover,
  • the size of transactions,
  • detailed background of the beneficiaries,
  • bank reference letters, and
  • proof of beneficial ownership, etc.

Some banks may also require you to provide Certificate of Incumbency and Certificate of Good Standing for your offshore company.

The approval for offshore accounts is done on a case-by-case basis. Due to our excellent banking relationships with most of the international & local banks based in Singapore, Asiabiz can assist you in setting up a corporate bank account quickly and easily.

Interested in opening a Singapore bank account?

AsiaBiz offers a suite of business and advisory solutions to help you run your Singapore company operations as seamlessly as possible, and at affordable rates. Contact us now to request for a quote.
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