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Nominee Director

All Singapore Private Limited Companies are required by the Singapore Companies Act to have at least one director who is an ordinary resident of Singapore i.e. one of the following:

  • Singapore Citizen,
  • Singapore Permanent Resident, or
  • Singapore Employment Pass/EntrePass/Dependant Pass holder with a residential address in Singapore.

The nominee director normally does not have any role in the company, other than to satisfy the statutory requirements of a local resident director for your Singapore incorporated Company. Thus, the Nominee director is a director by name only, without any powers or responsibilities.

AsiaBiz Nominee Director Service

The responsibilities of a Singapore company director are quite onerous hence we will require you to:

  • Execute our nominee director indemnity letter
  • In addition to our nominee director professional service fee, we require a S$2,000 refundable security deposit for the provision of this service.

Note: Security deposit should not be confused with our Service Fee.  It’s your money that is temporarily in our custody for the duration of us acting as your nominee director.  We will refund the security deposit back to you immediately upon termination of our nominee director service by you providing us with the details of an alternate local director.

Start a business in Singapore without leaving home

Meet your company’s statutory requirements of a resident director by appointing AsiaBiz as your Singapore Nominee Director today.
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