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Representative Office Setup with Employment Pass Package


A Representative Office provides a foreign company interested in establishing operation in Singapore an avenue to assess business opportunities in Singapore market prior to making any long term or large scale commitment. A Representative Office cannot engage in commercial revenue-generating activities.

Singapore Representative Office + EP Package

Choose this package if you wish to setup a representative office in Singapore. A Representative Office cannot engage in commercial revenue-generating activities.
If you choose to set up a Singapore Representative Office, you must take the following steps:

  1. Submit an application to register the Representative Office. Asiabiz Services can assist you in the registration of your Representative Office.
  2. You can apply for an Employment Pass (EP) only after you have succeeded in registering the Representative Office. The Employment Pass application is for the Chief Representative who is the appointed staff member from the foreign company. The Employment Pass will allow the Chief Representative to relocate to Singapore to run the Representative Office.
  3. You will require a local registered office address. Asiabiz Services can provide you with the use of our corporate registered address on a temporary or long-term basis, if needed.

Note: Representative Office registration and Employment Pass application can be processed without you having to be in Singapore.

Requirements for Employment Pass application

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) will assess your eligibility based on the following factors:

  • Fixed minimum monthly salary
  • Acceptable educational diploma/degree / professional qualifications / specialist skills / related work experience

We gather all necessary documents from you and apply for your Singapore Employment Pass.

Taxation of Singapore Representative Office

A Representative Office cannot engage in commercial revenue-generating activities, and therefore need not file for annual tax returns. However, income paid to the staff of the Representative Office including the Chief Representative is subject to Singapore personal income tax.

Ready to start a Singapore Representative Office?

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