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Private Limited Company Registration Package


For most Singapore residents, setting up a Private Limited Company is the preferred option because it’s the most flexible and advanced model of business entity available. The Private Limited Company holds its own legal status as an independent entity, separate from its owners. This means that its liabilities do not extend to its owners. Furthermore, this business entity enjoys special tax exemptions in Singapore that other types of business structures are not eligible for. A Private Limited Company also holds rights to own property.

Fast-track your Singapore Private Limited Company Incorporation process

Thousands of companies rely on us to get started. Fast. Coupled with qualified specialists and superior service, your Private Limited company registration is made easy.

Why you should incorporate a Private Limited Company

If these are the features you require for your company, then this is the page for you.

  • Personal assets protection for Shareholders
  • Transferable ownership and appointment of additional shareholders to facilitate additional capital injection for business growth
  • Strong establishment of business credibility, professional commitment and vision
  • Enhanced professional business image maximises potential loans from banks and other financial institutions
  • Perpetual existence with business operations unaffected by changes in the shareholders, or the holding pattern
  • Enjoys a highly competitive and effective corporate tax rate
  • Zero Tax on first SGD 100,000 taxable income annually for first three years for new Singapore company
  • Maximum 8.5% tax rate on taxable income from subsequent SGD 100,001- SGD300,000 annually for first three years for new Singapore company
  • Low flat tax rate of 17% on taxable income more than SGD 300,000
  • Zero taxes on capital gains and dividends
  • Regular reviews of procedures from Singapore Companies Act to enhance business growth and start-up companies

How AsiaBiz can help you

All you have to do is to ensure you meet the minimum requirements (listed below) of setting up a Private Limited Company according to the Singapore Companies Act. AsiaBiz will facilitate a smooth and hassle-free registration of your company.

Minimum Setup Requirements for Singapore Private Limited Company

  • Minimum 1 Shareholder + 1 Resident Director + 1 Company Secretary
  • Minimum initial paid-up capital is S$1
  • A Singapore registered office address

Ready to start a Private Limited Company in Singapore?

We’ve got it all covered. With AsiaBiz, you get a dedicated one-stop solution for your company incorporation, immigration, offshore setup, accounting, taxation, and corporate compliance needs.
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