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What are the procedure and timeline to obtain an Employment pass?

There are two ways Employment pass application can be submitted to the Authority by online or manual submission. The electronic EP application submission online is faster in processing the outcome of the applicant. This route is recommended for applicant who can...

Employment Pass holders contributions to social security funds

Do Singapore Employment pass holders need to contribute to any social security or skill development fund etc? Employment pass holders do not have to contribute to any social Security, i.e. Central provident fund (commonly know as “CPF” which is only applicable to...

What are the various types of categories of Employment Passes issued?

  Employment Pass Eligibility Summary Table Pass Type Factor One Factor Two Factor Three P1 Fixed monthly salary > S$8,000 Professional, Managerial, Executive, Specialist jobs P2 Fixed monthly salary > S$4,500 Professional, Managerial, Executive, Specialist...
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