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Singapore Personal Tax Tips

General Personal tax Information – for Individuals (Foreigners): The amount of income tax that you have to pay depends on your tax residency in Singapore. Top marginal resident tax rate of 20% kicks in at S$320,000 of taxable income.  Non-residents are taxed at the...

Do I need to pay tax in Singapore as a visiting professional?

“My engagement in Singapore as a visiting professional spreads over 5 months. My home country has a tax treaty with Singapore. Do I still need to pay tax in Singapore?” Whether you need to pay tax in Singapore would depend on the provisions of the tax...

Taxation of Overseas Income for Services Rendered in Singapore

“I am engaged by a foreign consulting firm to render my services in Singapore. Will my consultation fees be taxed in Singapore if the fees are paid to me outside Singapore?” Yes. You are liable to pay Singapore tax for the professional services rendered in...
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