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It can be hard being an artist in today’s world. Your mind is focused on being creative and expressing yourself, rather than on trying to make money. But, at the end of the day, you must make money if you want to be able to afford to put food on the table. The problem is that you are not exactly sure how to apply your artistic skills, while still making money at the same time. This is often why you find it extremely frustrating being an artist who is trying to make a living.

Luckily, we now live in a world where the ability to make money has changed. As the gig economy continues to rise, workers now have the opportunity to partake in jobs that both makes them happy and puts money in their pockets. And, you can even start your own business around your talents as an artist, due to the growth and diversity of the gig economy. There are more than certainly people out there who will pay for artistic product/service you provide.

If you are a creative entrepreneur artist, you can start now to build a business around your skill sets. Here are some business ideas to help you begin this process.

1. Sell handmade goods and crafts

Sell handmade goods and craftsNowadays, you have people who are looking for exclusive apparel that cannot be found at the large store’s everyone else is shopping at. This means things hats, shirts, pants, dresses, suits that are made in limited quantities, or even made to order, rather than being mass produced. If you are a dressmaker or designer, this is the perfect opportunity for you to get paid for your talents. You can showcase your creativity to the world and earn a nice living at the same time. What makes this opportunity even better is that you can put your clothing online to market to buyers all over the world. So, you are increasing your chances that your items will be purchased. You can choose to start your own online store from scratch or sell on marketplaces like Etsy, Supermarket, and Aftcra.

2. Sell art that you have collected

Sell art that you have collectedYou should be able to make some good money if you have an eye for finding art that will increase in value in the future. Art dealers do this all the time when they scour for pieces of art to sell to enthusiasts who value the beauty of creative imagery. If you are a determined dealer who consistently hustles, you can even open your own art gallery to sell the pieces you find. You are also helping other artists get their work noticed by the public when you open an art gallery. This creates a win-win scenario since you are getting paid while helping other artists get paid.

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3. Start restoring old cars

Start restoring old carsThere are many car enthusiasts who pay big money to have classic cars they have purchased to be restored. This is the perfect business for you to get into if you like making old cars look brand new again. Your enthusiasm for this type of work and the creativity you apply can lead to you creating a booming business. This is especially true since the demand for this particular service continues to grow as the years pass by. Older people want to be able to enjoy the cars they once experienced as a youth. There are now even television shows dedicated to showing the process of how old cars are restored. If your talents can be utilized in this industry, cash in on it while it continues to grow and thrive.

4. Write your own books

Write your own booksThe great thing about being an artist is that it includes a lot of diverse skill sets. This means anyone who has creative talents can be considered an artist. So, you do not have to necessarily be a painter to be an artist. Being an author classifies you as an artist since you are using words in a creative way to paint pictures in the mind of a reader. If you are a great writer, you can write your own short stories and novels. And you do not need a publisher to publish your books. You can self-publish on a platform like Amazon, and collect royalties for the books you sell. Writing a book also lead to many other opportunities to make money. This includes: ghostwriting for others, becoming a publisher, and being paid to make appearances/ speak. If you are not quite yet ready to write a book, you can become a copywriter, who writes copy for individuals who sell their products and/or services online. If you are a great writer, the book writing/ copywriting field can prove to be very lucrative for you.


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5. Become a graphic designer

Become a graphic designerAre you good at creating stunning visual concepts on your computer? Do you know how to make logos that catches a person’s eye? If yes, you can start your own freelance business as a graphic designer. The demand for graphic designers continues to rise as many businesses rely on great graphics to help sale during their marketing and advertising campaigns. You can also start your own t-shirt business. There are entrepreneurs making $10,000 or more every month selling their t-shirts on platforms like Shopify and Teespring. If you are a great graphic designer, jump on this opportunity to make great money right now!

6. Create tattoo designs

Create tattoo designsDo you know how to create a tattoo design that people will want to put on themselves as soon as they see it? Then you can open your own tattoo parlor. You must be an amazing illustrator who loves the craft of creating beautiful designs. People will pay you big money to design a tattoo that other people say looks amazing, and asked who did it for them. This means they are a walking billboard for your art.

7. Become a creative consultant

Become a creative consultantAs the business world becomes more competitive, many businesses are looking for a competitive advantage, that their competition does not have. This is why there are many companies and brands now seeking the services of a creative consultant. These are consultants who use their creativity to find innovative solutions to the problems these businesses are experiencing. If you become a creative consultant, you will be tasked with developing strategies, those help businesses grow. And you will definitely be paid a pretty dollar for your services.

8. Open your own calligraphy studio

Open your own calligraphy studioIf you are great at doing calligraphy work, you can make some pretty decent money by opening your own calligraphy studio. If you are not in the position to do so at the moment, you can always start as a freelancer working out of your home. The costs of starting this business are minimal since you only need a pen, ink, and paper.

9. Create decorated and scented candles

Create decorated and scented candlesIf you enjoy making candles, you should look into starting your candle-making business. People love placing candles all around their house for decoration, smelling the aromas, or for religious purposes. You can sell your candles at tradeshows, out of your car, or online. You just need to know who your target customer is and get your candles in front of them

These are just a few of the business you can start as a creative artist. Just because you are an artist, it does not mean that you have to starve or barely make any money. Your creative talents are a unique gift that can help you earn a great living.

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