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5 Strategies to Get More Income Tax Relief in Singapore

Singapore is by far one of the best places in Southeast Asia to reside in. The taxes that we pay are what keeps society running, and enables the government to make continual improvements and strive to keep this country in pole position. If you are a Singapore citizen,...

9 Tips for Creating a Successful Lifestyle

Success is earned, not given. The pursuit of success is not an easy journey though. Along the way, you will be challenged and forced to question if the pursuit is worth the effort. When you experience challenges, it is easy to become consumed with frustration and to...

15 Features Your Business Website Must Have

It is mandatory for all businesses to have a strong online presence in order to successfully reach today’s consumers. However, most business owners associate being online with attaining customers easily. This assumption could be further from the truth due to the sheer...

8 Habits of Mentally Strong People

No matter how tough you are mentally, your mind will be challenged when going through the trials of entrepreneurship. You will constantly be faced with the thought of wanting to quit because your path towards success is not progressing as you expected it to. Instead...

8 Lucrative Business Ideas for Stay-at-Home Moms

More women in Singapore are now participating in the workforce. The 2017 Labour Force Participation Rate (LFPR) for women stands at 60.4 per cent, in contrast to 54.3 per cent a decade ago in 2006. However, many career-oriented women are forced to abandon their...

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